• Jane O'Connor, Communications Intern

This week’s Congregation Spotlight highlights a longtime partner of Family Promise of Orange County: Congregation B’Nai Israel, located in Tustin, California.

Through synagogue services, religious school, youth programs and more, Congregation B’Nai Israel strives to uplift community members as well as encourage expression of Judaism. Beginning in the late 1900s, goals were set to design, build, and establish this congregation in the community, and today it is an important part of the Tustin area. This great congregation has been led by Rabbi Elie Kaplan Spitz since 1988. His commitment to Congregation B’Nai Israel and goals of engaging spiritually with the community has helped shape the congregation into what it is today.

Congregation B’Nai Israel was one of the founding faith-partners of Family Promise of Orange County ten years ago. Today, they serve as a support partner to one of our host churches, Tustin Presbyterian Church, providing meal and volunteer support four times a year when Tustin Presbyterian hosts our families on their campus. Marla Nathan serves as the volunteer coordinator for Congregation B’Nai Israel.

We are so grateful for the outstanding partnership we have with this wonderful congregation! Thank you, Congregation B’Nai Israel!

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  • Jane O'Connor, Communications Intern

Today we recognize the importance of the work being done by the many nonprofit organizations around the world! We commend our nonprofit partners, including our partners here in Orange County, on their dedication to their missions of helping individuals and communities become better.

Here are five ways YOU can celebrate National Nonprofit Day:

  1. Send a “Thank You” email or letter to any employees or volunteers who have dedicated their time and efforts to a specific cause.

  2. Feature your favorite nonprofits on your social media and help publicize their efforts.

  3. Create a fundraiser for your chosen nonprofit organization to collect donations in order to help them accomplish upcoming goals.

  4. Share your personal experience and any success stories about your chosen nonprofit so that community members hear more about the work being done and the impact it is having on those in the community.

  5. Schedule a time to take a group photo with everyone involved in the nonprofit organization so that you are able to demonstrate solidarity and unity within the community, and share the photo with others!

(Source: National Nonprofit Day)

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  • Jane O'Connor, Communications Intern

This week’s Congregation Spotlight highlights First Christian Church of Orange located in Orange, California. This congregation was originally founded in 1883, and moved to its current location in 1960. First Christian Church of Orange welcomes all people that want to be a part of the church community as well as those that strive to live out the teaching of the Bible in their everyday lives. The congregation’s Senior Pastor is Reverend Dr. Dayna Kinkade, and she attempts to bring the community together as disciples of Jesus Christ and children of God.

First Christian Church of Orange has been a host congregation for Family Promise for many years, hosting up to four families, four times a year on their campus in Orange. Charles Geller currently serves as the program Coordinator for the congregation, and he is supported by a core group of amazing volunteers who provide warm meals and hospitality to the families in our program. We are so thankful for this wonderful partnership with such a wonderful congregation!

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