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Two Families are Graduating!

At Family Promise of Orange County our goal is getting families into their own housing.

Following an incredibly difficult year for families experiencing homelessness, we’re happy to announce that two of our families will be graduating from our program and moving into their own apartments at the end of February!

Raegan is a single mother with a four-year-old son, and our other family is a single father with an 11- year-old son. Both families are looking forward to a new start in places of their own!

Overcoming homelessness during an ongoing pandemic is an incredible accomplishment and we are so proud of these two families! Family Promise of Orange County will continue to be there for these two families for the next two years providing graduate support services while they settle into their homes.

As many of you may know, moving into a new apartment can be a big expense, especially when starting from scratch. Click on the link below to find both families' apartment Wish Lists with instructions on how to donate. Help both of our single parents furnish their new homes!

FPOC February Grads Wish Lists

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