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Meet the Crew - Alexis Young

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Alexis Young has been the Case Manager for Family Promise of Orange County since 2019. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Services, with a Domestic Violence certification, from California State University, Fullerton. Alexis is currently working toward her Masters Degree in Social Work from California State University, Long Beach, with an expected graduation in May 2022.

Prior to joining Family Promise of Orange County, Alexis utilized her Associate of Science, Child Development Degree as a Preschool teacher, where she worked with children with developmental disabilities. Her experience as a teacher also led her to work for the Child Abuse Council, where she worked with children with behavioral issues due to difficult family situations. During this time, she also helped facilitate parenting groups, positive parent-child interactions, safe exchange between parents, and supervised visitations.

In addition to her extensive education and training, Alexis also brings the knowledge that comes with having experienced homelessness and traumatic experiences first-hand. Growing up in a household where substance and domestic abuse were present, Alexis first experienced homelessness at the age of 16. She truly understands the hardship that our families go through, and that homelessness is often a cycle when families have a limited or no support system.

Alexis loves being the Case Manager for the families of Family Promise of Orange County, where she says it feels more like a family than a job. “FPOC is a support system for me personally as well - it’s like my village. Not only am I surrounded by the constant support of the volunteers and staff, but I also feel so thankful to be able to give back to the community that I come from.”

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