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  • Jane O'Connor, Communications Intern

Happy National Nonprofit Day!

Today we recognize the importance of the work being done by the many nonprofit organizations around the world! We commend our nonprofit partners, including our partners here in Orange County, on their dedication to their missions of helping individuals and communities become better.

Here are five ways YOU can celebrate National Nonprofit Day:

  1. Send a “Thank You” email or letter to any employees or volunteers who have dedicated their time and efforts to a specific cause.

  2. Feature your favorite nonprofits on your social media and help publicize their efforts.

  3. Create a fundraiser for your chosen nonprofit organization to collect donations in order to help them accomplish upcoming goals.

  4. Share your personal experience and any success stories about your chosen nonprofit so that community members hear more about the work being done and the impact it is having on those in the community.

  5. Schedule a time to take a group photo with everyone involved in the nonprofit organization so that you are able to demonstrate solidarity and unity within the community, and share the photo with others!

(Source: National Nonprofit Day)

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