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Defining Stabilization

Every family that experiences homelessness has a unique story. It is also not uncommon for families to experience multiple episodes of housing instability on their journey to permanent housing. Family Promise of Orange County recognizes that approaching homelessness from only one avenue may not solve the issue entirely.

We are proud to provide all of the families in our programs with stabilization services. This ongoing support aims to preserve family independence, thus reducing the rate of return to a shelter program. Statistics show that families who experience homelessness at least once are more likely to experience it again. We want to end this cycle.

Stabilization services help families navigate secondary traumas to homelessness such as financial strains, employment barriers, unstable mental health, and previous debts. Extra support helps improve quality of life so the family can focus on obtaining and maintaining permanent housing.

Through stabilization services, Family Promise is also able to contribute to stronger community relationships by strengthening relationships with landlords, community partners, faith communities, and employers.

At Family Promise of Orange County, while our primary goal is to help families get into permanent housing, we also aim to keep families in their homes once they are there.

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