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Congregation Spotlight: Tustin Presbyterian Church

Updated: May 2, 2021

Tustin Presbyterian Church is located in Tustin, California, and is headed by their pastor, Dr. Steve Ranney. The church is located in Old Town Tustin, which holds a lot of historic significance and serves the local community. People who attend the church have a wide range of theological backgrounds, but they all share the commonality of serving the Lord. Tustin Presbyterian Church’s vision is, “Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus.” High and vibrant music is very important to the congregation. Their music ministry is a major part of their church and is an integral part of their spiritual leadership program. One of the most noticeable features of their church is the warm and inviting attitude that the people of the church possess. Tustin Presbyterian Church wants anyone who is new to feel as they are a part of their church family and welcomed to all of their activities.

Tustin Presbyterian Church was one of the founding congregations of the Orange County affiliate of Family Promise. They first started hosting families in 2012, when the affiliate first opened. Tustin Presbyterian and one of their congregants, Bernie Jeltema, were instrumental in getting the affiliate organized and served as champions for the mission of Family Promise of Orange County. Over the years, Tustin Presbyterian Church has played an active role in the work of Family Promise, with several of its congregants serving on our Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and our newer House of Ruth Committee.

Tustin Presbyterian Church continues to serve today as a host congregation, with Lynn Petersen serving as Coordinator of the ministry. Lynn is supported by an amazing core group of 12-16 volunteers that are the backbone of the ministry at Tustin Presbyterian Church, providing countless meals and serving as overnight hosts for our families.

We are so thankful to have the support of such a wonderful church!!

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