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Congregation Spotlight: Trinity United Presbyterian Church

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Trinity United Presbyterian Church is located in Santa Ana, California. Douglas J. Rumford, Trinity’s lead pastor, is currently in his 15th year of service, providing leadership for the many ministries at Trinity which include: Worship & Music, Student & Family, Care & Prayer, Adult Ministries and Missional Engagement.

Trinity’s history began in 1876. At that time, the first sanctuary was located at 4th and Mortimer in downtown Santa Ana. Through the years, Trinity has grown from a charter membership of 14 to its current membership of over 1500. Trinity’s mission is ‘Building a community fully alive in Christ.’ They are a gospel-based congregation, believing fully in sharing the ‘Good News’ to the community.

Support for local and global missions has always been an important part of the DNA of Trinity’s members. Trinity members actively serve all over the world and close to 20% of Trinity’s annual budget supports mission and outreach.

Trinity has been involved with Family Promise as a host congregation since 2013. That same year, Trinity provided financial support to help Family Promise buy a van to transport our families. Melody Mosley serves as ministry coordinator. She is supported by a team of wonderful ministry partners who serve as overnight hosts, provide meals and hospitality to those in need.

We at Family Promise of Orange County are proud to partner with Trinity United Presbyterian Church and have them serve as one of our host congregations!

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