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  • Jane O'Connor, Communications Intern

Congregation Spotlight: Revive Covenant Church

This week’s congregation spotlight highlights another one of our host congregations, Revive Covenant Church, located in Orange, California. We are very thankful to work with this wonderful congregation. The community of this congregation is led by Bryan Johnson and his wife, Katie Johnson. Bryan serves as Head Pastor, and Katie serves as Coordinator for the Family Promise ministry.

Pastor Johnson is extremely passionate about teaching others about God’s truth and attempts to live out these beliefs in his daily life at home and at the church. Overall, Revive Covenant Church focuses on Scripture passages that teach the messages of God and Jesus Christ. They value the importance of love and strive to demonstrate these beliefs in their everyday lives.

Revive has been a longtime partner of Family Promise. Katie was involved in Family Promise in LA County prior to moving to Orange County. Revive has been such a strong supporter of our program. They have hosted our families quarterly on their campus, providing warm meals and safe shelter. Last year when the congregational rotation was shut down due to the pandemic, Revive supported our families in a different way by providing gas and grocery gift cards to help supplement the lost income many of our families faced. We are so grateful for their partnership!

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