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Congregation Spotlight: First Presbyterian Church of Fullerton

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The First Presbyterian Church (FPC) located in Fullerton, California, is currently led by Reverend Jeffrey Bridgeman. The church was first organized on February 19, 1888, and was the first church of any denomination in Fullerton and the sixth Presbyterian church in Orange County. As their memberships and activities increased, so did their need for a larger space pushing them to relocate to their present location on Euclid Ave. in 1951.

In 2010, the congregation adopted a new mission statement, “Bringing people together to grow followers of Jesus Christ to do God’s work in the world.” They strive to be a congregation who is faithful to God by gathering, growing, and going in Christ’s name. FPC proves to be a welcoming congregation for all to experience.

First Presbyterian Church of Fullerton began collaborating with Family Promise of Orange County in 2009, when the affiliate was just getting off the ground. The idea of FPC serving as a host congregation was taken to the Senior Pastor and then to the Deacons, who all immediately recognized a service opportunity that matched the passion of the congregation to serve the homeless community.

Family Promise at First Presbyterian Church of Fullerton is graciously led by John and Cathy Monson, and they are supported by a wonderful team of dedicated and inspiring volunteers. FPC has joyfully been hosting Family Promise families for four weeks each year, and the congregation looks forward to resuming hosting this fall.

To learn more about First Presbyterian Church of Fullerton and their wonderful ministries, please visit

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