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  • Jane O'Connor, Communications Intern

Congregation Spotlight: Community United Methodist Church Huntington Beach

This week’s Congregation Spotlight highlights another one of our partner host congregations, Community United Methodist Church Huntington Beach, located in Huntington Beach, California. This congregation has been an active member of the Huntington Beach community since 1904. Their Senior Pastor, George Hooper, grew up practicing stories from the Bible and felt a calling and desire to serve in a leadership role. Through weekly services that include uplifting music, inspirational readings and practices learned from the Bible, Community members strive to feel a deep connection to one another and to God.

Members and guests of Community UMCHB also understand that “God has no hands and feet but our loving hands and feet.” The church generously supports a number of community outreach and world mission programs with their gifts and service, including Family Promise of Orange County! Howard Herdman serves as the Coordinator of the Family Promise outreach ministry at the church. Howard and his team of volunteers have helped establish a great ongoing partnership between Community United Methodist Church Huntington Beach and Family Promise of Orange County that we are very thankful for!

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