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2020 Year in Review

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Amid a global pandemic and economic downturn, Family Promise of Orange County was still able to help more families this past year than we ever have before.

In 2020, Family Promise of Orange County supported 65 families (269 people) through Emergency Shelter, Transitional Shelter, and Supportive Services. That’s 99 adults and 170 children who were supported during a very difficult year!

This is compared to 2019 when we served 48 families (201 people). That is a 35% increase for families served, and a 34% increase for people served, for 2020.

AND, despite the pandemic, we had 11 families (43 people) graduate to permanent housing in 2020!

Even with reduced intern and volunteer assistance, we were also somehow able to return 974 calls for help in 2020, representing a minimum of 982 adults and 1,186 children (these are minimum numbers since some people do not share their family size information when calling).

What a year!

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