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Homeless Information - Orange County


Inability to secure or retain a job with sustainable wages 


Housing Costs:

Inability to meet the rising financial burdens for housing 


Family Issues: Domestic Violence, family dysfunction, relationship dissolution or death of family member  


311 Veterans
271 Transitional aged youth 
677 Seniors 
466 Families 

2,899 were in an emergency or transitional shelter and 3,961 were unsheltered


For the 3,961 who were unsheltered:


52% were chronically homeless

73% had their last known address in Orange County

72%worked or currently work in OC

52%have family in OC

In the 2017 Report

Homelessness in Orange County

The Cost to Our Community  

The Current situation of homelessness is a pressing problem in many communities across the United States. This issue of homelessness has also affected Orange County and became a true crisis. In this study shows that OC homeless population is defined largely by the following characteristics: 

  • They are mainly long-term OC residents, with 68% of the 252 homeless surveyed having lived in the county for 10 years or longer 

  • They are predominately US-born individuals (90%) 

  • A significant share are middle-aged (52% are age 50 or older), non-Hispanic White (47%), male (57%) and live alone (67%) 

Key Findings: The vast majority regardless of sex are United States citizens and also long-term Orange County residents of over 10 years. 

The major factors causing homelessness along with the statics: 

  • Securing or retaining jobs with sustainable wages (40%) 

  • Finding or retaining affordable housing, including evictions and foreclosures (36%) 

  • Family issues, which include domestic violence, family dysfunction, relationship dissolution and death of a family member (28%) 

  • Alcohol and/or drugs (22%) 

  • Mental health (17%) 

  • Physical health (13%) 

  • Release from jail/prison (7%) 


Key Finding: Homelessness is caused primarily by a lack of income or job loss combined with high costs of housing in Orange County. Other factors can be family dysfunction, health, and substance abuse, etc. 

The Cost of Homelessness 

The report estimate that approximately $299 million was spent to address homelessness in Orange County by governmental and non-governmental entities in a 12-month period encompassing 2014/2015. 

• Municipalities account for the largest share of this total (~$120 million), followed by 

• Hospitals (~$77 million), 

• The County (~$62 million) 

• Non-governmental housing agencies (~$35 million) 

• Other non-governmental agencies servicing the homeless (~$5 million with incomplete data). 


Key Finding: Orange County’s city governments and public services assume a lot of the costs associated with homelessness in Orange County. 

A 2017 collaborative study by OC United Way, UC Irvine and Jamboree revealed a comprehensive outlook on the costs of services for the homeless. The results showed that homelessness is primarily caused by a lack of sufficient income or job loss, combined with the high cost of housing in Orange County. In addition, other factors like family dysfunction, health issues, and substance abuse can increase the vulnerability of an individual to becoming homeless.

Orange County Children 

From: The 25th Annual Report on the Conditions of Children 

OC Snapshots 

A 25-year Retrospective