• Chloe, Communications Intern

Today is Ash Wednesday, which begins the start of Lent for our Christian friends. This is a time of seasonal reflection, and we thought we would take the opportunity to provide some educational awareness of the challenges families experiencing homelessness face.

About 35% of the homeless population in the United States, consists of families with children. The lack of permanent shelter for these children drastically affects their lives. They are not only affected emotionally, but health wise as well. Children experiencing homelessness get four times as many respiratory infections, twice as many ear infections, and are four times more likely to have asthma than housed children.

So what causes homelessness? One of the main causes for a family to end up without a home is that there is a lack of housing for low-income families. Only 25% of those considered eligible for federal housing assistance receive help, due to lack of funding. There has recently been an increase in evictions because the cost of living is constantly rising. It is hard for low-income families to keep up with rising housing prices, when their income isn’t doing the same.

As we enter this season of reflection, we ask you to keep the families we serve in your hearts and spirits. For ways you can help our families this Lenten season, please visit our Get Involved Page.

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  • Chloe, Communications Intern

Cyndee is our wonderful Executive Director of Family Promise of Orange County. Cyndee is passionate about furthering the mission of Family Promise in order to help as many families experiencing homelessness as possible.

While Cyndee is an Orange County native, she previously resided in London, England for two years. While living abroad, she had the unique experience of working as a Psychiatric Social Worker. She holds both a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an MBA. With 30 years of leadership experience under her belt, Cyndee has dedicated the last 12 years of her career to the direction of high-performing programs that are designed to end homelessness, food insecurity, and multi-generational poverty.

She has led Family Promise of Orange County since November 2017, and is a big reason for the growth that the program has seen over the past few years. She is responsible for ensuring and maintaining Family Promise of Orange County’s service quality and financial sustainability. She has achieved this by successfully diversifying the organization’s fund development efforts. In 2020, Family Promise of Orange County served 65 families, which is 35% more families than in 2019. In the challenging year that was 2020, Ms. Albertson, her three employees, and hundreds of volunteers ensured 269 Orange County residents, including 170 children, had food, supplies, and most importantly, homes.

Outside of her duties at Family Promise of Orange County, Cyndee resides in Placentia with her husband, Mike. Together they have four adult children, three of whom are still in college. In her spare time she is an avid runner and continues on her quest to run a marathon in every state.

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  • Monica, Communications Intern

At Family Promise of Orange County our goal is getting families into their own housing.

Following an incredibly difficult year for families experiencing homelessness, we’re happy to announce that two of our families will be graduating from our program and moving into their own apartments at the end of February!

Raegan is a single mother with a four-year-old son, and our other family is a single father with an 11- year-old son. Both families are looking forward to a new start in places of their own!

Overcoming homelessness during an ongoing pandemic is an incredible accomplishment and we are so proud of these two families! Family Promise of Orange County will continue to be there for these two families for the next two years providing graduate support services while they settle into their homes.

As many of you may know, moving into a new apartment can be a big expense, especially when starting from scratch. Click on the link below to find both families' apartment Wish Lists with instructions on how to donate. Help both of our single parents furnish their new homes!

FPOC February Grads Wish Lists

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